How to Get Rid of Woodlice in the House


It happens that the bathroom is literally filled with small unpleasant insects overnight, smartly moving their paws and quickly running away when a person appears. Most often these small creatures are woodlice. There is nothing dangerous in their arrival, this problem can be solved independently in just a day, since it is much easier to get rid of woodlice in the apartment than from other insects.

get rid of woodlice
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Habitats in houses

In UK apartments, woodlice usually do not reproduce, they lay eggs in damp basements and attics of apartment buildings, and come to people at night in search of food. In houses, they live in basements and feed on vegetable stocks.

In rare cases, woodlice and their eggs can be found in indoor plants.

Physical methods of struggle

Most often, these methods are quite enough to get rid of woodlice in the house. To create conditions in human housing that are not suitable for the life of woodlice, you need:

  • Improve the ventilation of the bathroom;
  • Repair leaking pipes, insulate the gap behind the bathroom so that water does not accumulate under it;
  • Sort out the stored vegetables and throw away all the spoiled ones;
  • Transplant houseplants into a new soil, thoroughly washing their roots. Wash the plastic pots with detergent, and boil the clay pots for 30 minutes.
Transplant houseplants
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The above methods will help both to get rid of woodlice in the bathroom, and to improve the sanitary condition of the house, to avoid the appearance of rot and mold in the apartment.

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