How to start your own gardening business in the UK?


If you are wondering about opening a gardening business and enjoy nature, you can make good money by working as a gardener at home. You can consider this occupation if you like to be occupied with vegetation and flowers. Gardeners perform a variety of duties, along with watering, pruning, raking, digging, planting, loosening and blowing leaves to make their clients’ estates and land areas look attractive.

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In accordance with the latest estimates, the number of UK gardens is more than two million. Therefore, gardening is one of the most popular choices of occupations for the introduction of your own specialty.

How much money can a gardener earn?

The gardener’s earnings vary in the amount of 10 to 25 pounds per hour. In many ways, the payment depends on factors such as your location in the UK, the type of services you offer, hourly pay or the price for all the work. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with what competitors offer in this area.

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Despite the fact that little or no background is required, gardening can become a full-time job with a high demand for trustworthy and responsible people. With so many householders agonizing to cope with a busy agenda, you will have a constant request for your assistance.

When you are preparing to launch a new business, you have to pay attention to:

  • Proper physical and mental wellbeing: you should be in great shape to cope with the job. Get ready for work by doing cardio and strength training.
  • Marketing nuances. To talk about your business and attract the first clients, marketing stuff should be taken into account, from a simple website to business cards.
  • Garden tools: A novice gardener often invests in his own tools, including a shovel, rake, axe, pruner, sickle, lawn mower, animal and insect repellents and garden shears.
  • Authorization and Insurance: You need to proceed a registration as self-employed with the help of HMRC and file your tax return by the end of January of each year. Choosing insurance for your horticulture business should be one of the first in your list of first concern. This can save your costs if you harm your client or damage their real estates.
Image by Anna Shvets from Pexels

It should be borne in mind that the gardener spends a long time in the sun, and this in turn can harm health, for example, cause dehydration and skin problems. Even if you don’t have enough or no money at the start, you should invest in protective clothing to protect yourself.

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