How to weed a garden?


A well-groomed backyard pleases the eye. It is not easy to achieve its ideal state. Ubiquitous weeds do not allow people to relax. There are many ways to destroy weeds, here are some of them.

Digging Or Plowing A Plot

This method of weed control remains one of the most effective. If you are ready for hard work, in a couple of seasons you can achieve the desired result. It is better to dig up the site with a pitchfork, so you will cut the roots less, pulling them out of the soil.

Use Herbicides

This method does not require much physical effort. The main difficulty is choosing a chemical that kills the weed. Not all weeds can be removed by using poisonous compounds. However, applied science is developing new tools.

gardening herbicides spray
Image by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Use The Laws Of Biology

It is very effective to deal with weeds in the suburban area, armed with knowledge of botany. Every plant needs light. In its absence, the vital processes of plants slow down or completely freeze. Cover the soil with some dense material that does not let in sunlight.


Sow the empty land with siderates that do not allow weeds to grow. Peas, mustard, amaranth, sweet clover, buckwheat are suitable as siderates. Due to the high content of nutrients for the soil in them, siderates are also called green fertilizers.

Image by Greta Hoffman from Pexels

A vegetable garden with weeds is, of course, a problem for its owner. But we should not turn weed control into an obsession. Let the plot be not so perfect in this regard, but there will be time to relax and enjoy other gardening successes.

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