What Is A Hydroponic Gardening?


Hydroponic system is a method of growing plants. It is used mainly in greenhouses of UK. This method is becoming popular all over the world, both for home and commercial cultivation of various crops. 

Hydroponics at home
Image by iamareri from Pixabay

Hydroponics at home is a hobby that everyone can afford. There are several reasons to try:

  • Cultivation is not complicated, and satisfaction from the process and its result is always maximum.
  • Hydroponic plants always get nutrients they need in the required quantities. They grow strong and healthy. Meanwhile, ripening rate of fruit crops and the flowering power of ornamental plants increase in several times.
  • Hydroponic technology makes it possible for plant roots to never suffer from lack of water and oxygen during, which can happen in traditional cultivation.
  • Hydroponics eliminates many problems of soil pests and diseases.
  • When growing on hydroponics, the process of transplanting perennial plants is facilitated. It is just necessary to transfer the plant into a large bowl and add the substrate. You should not buy new soil for transplanting, which greatly reduces the cost of growing indoor plants. The application of the hydroponic method in agriculture gives a faster return on investment.
  • Hydroponic technology is quite comfortable for growing plants at home, because modern equipment can do everything instead of you. You only top up the nutrient solution and enjoy the view of the blooming and fruiting hydroponic garden.

So, the plant receives only the elements it needs in hydroponics. It does not accumulate substances harmful to human health that are inevitably present in the soil (heavy metals, toxic organic compounds, radionuclides, excess nitrates, etc.), which is very important for fruit plants.

Try hydroponic technology
Image by sippakorn yamkasikorn from Pixabay

Try hydroponic technology. When you grow on hydroponics, there is no need to mess with the ground: hands are always clean; hydroponic vessels weigh little; the house, balcony or greenhouse is clean and tidy; there are no foreign smells, sciarids flying over pots, and other unpleasant factors accompanying soil cultivation.

Image by Jatuphon Buraphon from Pixabay

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