What is a south facing garden?


A southern garden is considered not only one that faces south, but also one that faces south west or south east.

Depending on whether you like to bask in the sun in the garden all day or only in the evenings and mornings, you choose which garden suits you best. It is often said that there is a lot of good about the gardens on the south side, the demand for it is many times greater. You should take this into account when looking for a property in the UK.

Pros and cons of a garden on the south side

Pros and cons of a garden on the south side
Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

What is the benefit of a garden facing south?

  • it is easier to grow and care for plants thanks to constant sunlight;
  • the south side is warmer than the other sides;
  • if you need to dry your clothes after the pool, then they will dry faster on the south side;
  • you can sunbathe at any time;
  • surfaces where moss or algae can form are less susceptible to this on the south side;
  • the house is also warmer.

But such a garden also has disadvantages:

  • it can be too hot in the sun during the hot summer season;
  • the facade of the building, outdoor furniture and furniture in the house may fade in the sun;
  • not all windows face south, so it may be cold in the rooms on the opposite side of the house.

What plants should be grown in such a garden?

What plants should be grown in such a garden
Image by Hà Phạm from Pixabay

You should have plants that not only love sunlight, but also tolerate heat so that they do not die in your hot summer. Here are some great suitable plant options that you can plant in your flower beds:

  • sedum;
  • camomile
  • sunflower;
  • Mediterranean herbs: lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary.

Plants that love the sun are suitable for such a garden. However, some plants need shade for a certain time, then gardens in the southwest and southeast will suit.

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