What is the best facing garden?


When the place for the garden is selected, it is necessary to orient it correctly to the cardinal directions and zoning. It is important to do this in order to create the optimal conditions for the growth and fruiting of trees and shrubs. With proper arrangement of plants on the back garden, you can provide them with sunlight or shade, protect them from wind, drying of the soil.

Before you start planning a garden, you need to take into account the following important factors:

for an orchard
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay
  • the size of the area that can be allocated for an orchard;
  • the terrain will be required. A flat terrain or a gentle slope will be ideal for an orchard, cold air and excessive moisture are trapped in the hollows, these areas are for sun protection and unfavorable for fruit trees;
  • the soil analysis of your ground. Fruit crops have a powerful root system, the soil must be fertile to provide it with good nutrition. Rocky, clay, sandy soil is not suitable for a garden. The proximity of groundwater has a negative effect on the growth of trees;
  • The presence of heat and light. For most fruit trees plenty of light and heat is very important. It should also be said about the area with a constant strong wind – the wind interferes with normal pollination, dries the soil, often damages crops and breaks tree branches. A high fence or green spaces can partially protect from the winds.

The illumination of the garden is extremely important for the layout of the beds:

eceives maximum sunlight
Image by coleentaz from Pixabay

The southern sector receives maximum sunlight, it is advisable to plant heat-loving plants and crops that do not need high humidity. The orientation can be any, but if in the uk summer the weather promises to be hot and dry (why not), it is best to arrange the beds from east to west. The lands lying to the north of buildings, fences and trees, which are in the shade most of the day, are not suitable for garden crops. It is advisable to have a recreation area here.

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