What Is The Best Garden Hose On The Market?


Rain does not always guess our plans. Therefore, the owners of the garden have to water the beds themselves. Garden hose becomes an indispensable assistant. It is easy to get confused in the large assortment of hoses in UK. Our simple recommendations will help you to understand, which garden hose is your best choice.


Before choosing a hose for irrigation, you should find out the main parameters of these products, as well as their role in reliability and convenience. The following properties are important in garden hoses:

  • Material.
  • Quantity of layers.
  • Flexibility.
  • Maximum allowable water pressure.
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Material is one of the most important criteria for choosing. You can find the following hoses on sale:

Rubber. These products are flexible and durable. They can consist of several layers. Rubber hoses are able to withstand water pressure up to 40 Bar and serve for many years.

Plastic. These are lightweight polyvinyl chloride hoses. In general, such products are quite fragile. They cannot withstand water pressure greater than 5 Bar and temperature changes. The service life of plastic hoses is only about 2 years.

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Plastic with fabric lining. Thanks to a special addition made of fabric, they become more resistant to temperature changes and various damages. They can withstand high water pressure (up to 50 Bar).

Nylon. They are very strong and flexible, but they cannot withstand temperature changes and high water pressure. Manufacturers most often set a warranty period of 1 year.

Reinforced. They consist of three layers. Reinforced hoses can withstand water pressure up to 35 Bar. They have flexibility and enhanced strength.

Special hoses, such as porous and sprinkling, are used for drip irrigation.

Which garden hose to choose for watering?

Choosing a garden hose is not an easy matter. These additional tips will help you find the right solution:

  • Do not buy transparent models. Sunlight promotes the germination of algae that clog the hose.
  • If you do not want the hose to slip out of your hands, give preference to a ribbed surface.
  • If you have a large water pressure in the garden or a powerful garden pump, take a closer look at the garden stretching hose. It has a special protective casing, and bends, thanks to a special design, are easily straightened.
  • If you have a large area for irrigation, you can use a hose with a coil and a trolley.
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Choose a watering hose based not only on recommendations, but also on the purpose of use. Do not expect durability from a cheap product. It is better to overpay once, and then use it for many years. However, one piece of advice will help extend the service life: do not store the product outdoors! After watering, drain the water and hide it in the room. It is advisable to wind the sleeve on a spool for long-term storage. The more carefully you treat the garden hose, the longer it will serve.

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